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2021 ICSE and NIOS Results…

Joyful News!

Dear Children,

The ICSE results leave me overjoyed:
About 70% of our students scored above 90% of total marks. The others all exceeded 80%, scoring between 89% to 81%.

It is not enough to say congratulations. You have outdone our expectations!  Each one of you has made us proud.

What makes you special is that you have achieved these honours while you were facing the challenges of Covid 19! And this is the mark of a leader. A leader is one who takes everything in his stride.

Every challenge is an opportunity and you have made the most of it by adapting your study patterns and sincerely taking the assessments given to you.

Let us put our best foot forward as we step out of school. We are all richer for the experience we have undergone during this time!

The Vidya Valley Family wishes each one of you the very best! We believe you will do well as you go ahead!

I have to mention the children who stood out in the class. But you know me – the small number differences are irrelevant. What matters is whether you exceeded your own expectations. They have done very well!



A special mention about the four students who scored 100% in Math:

That is a feather in their caps they will cherish forever. Five more students are in the 99% range


Seventeen students in History-Civics-Geography (Social Studies) scored 100%. Five got 99%.


Fifteen students scored 90% and above. It is a very tough achievement, all these students are really exceptional.


Fifty students scored 90% and higher!


Fourteen students have scored 99% and made us proud. We all remember our own exam days and we were nowhere near this.


Three topped French with 98%. They were good at English as well.


Ten students scored 100% in Computer Applications. Another four students are tailing them close with 98% and 99%.


Four students with 99% head our list of economists. Another four are in the range of 94% to 97%. They are so consistently good.


Topper in Art is 97%. Five are a close second with 96%. Visiting artists to the school are bowled over by their presentations. This is my weakness and I need to exhibit these children’s Art at a Gallery.


NIOS Results

Some more Joyful News!

Today is a very special day for us!

The NIOS Results have come in as well and the day has become, specially, joyful!

I am so happy to Congratulate each one of you. I know the trepidation with which you have been awaiting the results.

You, dear children, embody the spirit and philosophy of Vidya Valley. By now, all of you know how much games and sports mean to us as an integral part of childhood and education. Given the focus, on classroom study in India and the social attitudes, It’s like fighting a losing battle. Till NIOS came along and saved the day, as much, for us as for you very special kids. NIOS has given you a path to get ahead.

Not only are you studying but each is doing something meaningful as well. You have had the courage to pursue your special interest and talent. We are very glad to have been able to create a place so that you did not have to sacrifice your love and passion for sports and games.

The Tenth Board exam has always been a hurdle that few sportsmen and women are able to get past. But you have got past that hurdle most gracefully.

Add to this day, the spice of the opening of the Olympics in Japan, and it is as if the Gods on Mount Olympus have ordained this special day for you!

I am so proud of you and l thank you, for being at Vidya Valley, blazing a trail for those who want to march to a different tune, away from the well-trodden path! Specially, the ones who are seriously into sports.

This year the results have been good. All of you have graduated with a Distinction a First Class.

I am so happy a number of you continue at Vidya Valley. All of you will make a mark in the world and keep the Vidya Valley soul aloft!


The Vidya Valley Family wishes each one of you the very best!


With regards and affection,

Nalini Sengupta


Vidya Valley

24th July 2021

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