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The Process


(Sus Village) for session starting June 2022

Online forms will be available starting Monday, 10th January 2022 till 24th January 2022.

Click here to fill the online form.

There are no vacancies for any other class. Please do not apply.

We are open for admissions for Sr. KG ONLY AT SUS VILLAGE. Vacancies are available in Vidya Valley only for Sr KG. For admission to any other intermediate class please inquire in May 2022 by which time we will know more about vacancies. Chances are generally bleak, but no harm in trying.

Submit the application form at Vidya Valley, Sus Village between 1 pm and 5 pm (from 10th January till 24th January 2022) on working days. On Saturdays office will work from 9 am to 1 pm. SUNDAY HOLIDAY. (Friday 14th Jan is a Holiday)


Application Fee is Rs 1,500. Pay it digitally after you “submit” the application form.
Once you have completed the application form you will get a copy of the completed form
by e-mail from UFONY.COM

If you have any problem at that stage, please write to

Please attach RECEIPT of Application Fee Rs.1500/- which is issued when you paid on-line.


Documents required :-
1) Copy of Birth Certificate

2) Proof of address: Electricity bill OR Last Page of parent’s passport

3) Copy of Aadhaar card of the child, if you have. If not, Do apply for the Aadhar Card for the child because the government has made it mandatory for ALL children registered in a school. We will definitely need to have it before the child is formally admitted to school in June 2022.

Age is a very important criteria at Vidya Valley in the interest of the child’s over all wholesome development. The aspect of age has a lasting impression for a life time so do give this criteria due importance.

Minimum age: Sr KG –> 5 Years completed as on 31st Dec



One time admission fee for Vidya Valley : Rs. 8,900
Caution Deposit: Rs 1,50,000
(This will be returned whenever the child leaves the school)


Some TIPS about the admission procedure to Sr KG:

a. We do not TEST the child for any academic learning like reading or writing.

b. We do look at the child for adequate, age-appropriate development in the areas of speaking, understanding, walking, running, balancing, and colouring.

c. Don’t stress the child about school and teacher. Teachers are kind ladies and they love children. They don’t punish children.

d. Some children come to us smiling and laughing and happy to play on the playground and with other children. Some come to us howling and crying for their mother, not looking forward to school. It is up you parents what you make of the child. That’s what we mean by saying don’t stress the child.

Final selection is on lottery from the areas where we run our buses.

NOTE: – DO NOT APPLY for kindergarten at Sus Village if you stay beyond Pune University gate or Beyond Bavdhan or Beyond Balewadi. For parents wishing that their child should study at Vidya Valley we expect them to live close to the school.

NOTE:- SCHOOL TIMINGS: Kindergarten children reach school by 9:30 in our school buses.

1. Jr. KG kids return home by buses which leave school at 1:00 (We provide breakfast and Snacks)

2. Sr KG children leave school by 3 pm along with all other children. (We provide breakfast and lunch)

Just so you understand transportation issues

  • Our school buses bring students from Std 1 to Std 12 to school by 8 am.
  • Then some buses return to pick up kindergarten children.
  • They come back with the KG kids by 9:30.
  • At 1:00 pm a few buses take the Jr.KG kids home after a snack.
  • At 3 pm most of the school’s older children return home.
  • Except some who stay back for games and music or art or dance or gymnastic or whatever.

Parent orientation and meeting with Child for admission:  1st Week of February 2022

We will send you an e-mail before that date regarding the schedule for that day and minor instructions.