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The Process

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The Process

Online forms will be available by the last week of November 2020. 

We are open for admissions from Jr. KG to class 4 at

Vidya Valley Northpoint School, 684, Shivatej Nagar, Chinchwad

 Contact us on 8888811673

You can fill up the form online, please click on the below link for the Online form application.

Application Fee is Rs 1,500. Pay it digitally.

Once you have completed the application form you will get an e-mailed copy from UFONY.COM

Any problems with that please write to 


Between now and 20th December you have to send the form and scanned copies of mandatory documents listed below via email to

Please attach RECEIPT of Application Fee which is issued when you paid on-line

Documents required 

1) Copy of Birth Certificate

2) Proof of address: Electricity bill OR Last Page of parent’s passport

3) Copy of Adhar card of the child.

After 20th December the school office will be close for Winter Vacation. 



Age is a very important criteria at Vidya Valley in the interest of the child’s over all wholesome development. The aspect of age has a lasting impression for a life time so do give this criteria due importance.

MINIMUM age (as on 30th July 2021) is

Std 4 Northpoint (ICSE) – 9 years plus born between   1st June 2011   to  30th September 2012 (16 months margin)

Std 3 Northpoint (ICSE) – 8 years plus born between   1st June 2012   to  30th September 2013 (16 months margin)

Std 2 Northpoint (ICSE) – 7 years plus born between   1st June 2013   to  30th September 2014 (16 months margin)

Std 1 Northpoint (ICSE) – 6 years plus born between   1st June 2014   to  30th September 2015 (16 months margin)

Sr KG Northpoint – 5 years plus  born between   1st June 2015   to  30th September 2016 (16 months margin)

Jr KG Northpoint – born between   1st June 2016   to  30th September 2017 (16 months margin)



We take this opportunity to announce the expansion of Vidya Valley at Sus Village. We plan to build a larger Senior School from Std 6 to Std 10 at the main campus in Sus Village within the next two years.



Vidya Valley Northpoint will be from Jr KG to Std 5 only.

After Std 5, children will graduate to Vidya Valley Sus Village to Std 6.



We provide hot lunch at Vidya Valley Northpoint as we believe nutritious food and dinning etiquette is a part of education.

We provide transportation facilities. The time taken for a child to travel from Baner Road-to-Northpoint and Baner Road-to-Sus Village is nearly the same in the morning – about 30 minutes. Details can be discussed at the time of admission.


Admission Fees 

One time admission fee for Vidya Valley Northpoint: Rs. 10,000

Refundable Deposit:  Rs 30,000 (This will be returned whenever the child leaves the school)


Vacancies are available in Vidya Valley Northpoint in all classes (Jr. KG to class 4).

Please contact us for further details of the admission process.