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Good Times – Good Memory, Tough Times – Good Lessons

I still remember the days when are our lovely children clamoring in the hall eagerly awaiting breakfast, asking our Maushi, “What is there for breakfast today?”

When we sat around the round table, the good old days when we walked on the turf, felt like it happened yesterday. But 16 months have passed by, and yet another year of online education.

The transition from white chalk and a blackboard to a 17-inch jet-black screen was abrupt, but we have overcome these obstacles together with helpful collaboration from both parents and our wards. We have proved that there can be no hindrance to learning.

The pandemic provided us with a new experience for learning. The challenges were different, but one thing remained the same — the zeal for learning.

Our virtual environment felt like a real classroom with lovely chit-chat sessions and innovative activities as we progressed. Our smarty bunches were engrossed with creative and cognitive learning that goes beyond academia. They enthusiastically participated in poetry, dance, drama, and language, among other things.

One such novel activity I would like to highlight is the Readathon program. It is a proven fact that early reading eventually leads to a child’s brighter future.

And what better companion in the lockdown other than books? We provided interesting stories with a mix of various genres for kids to read. It helped to build their quest for learning, stimulated their imagination, and expanded their understanding of the world. The outcome was mesmerizing with wonderful book reviews written by kids and spectacular performances in the elocution and storytelling sessions. 

No matter how small one can be, an individual has the superpower to make a humongous impact on society. My 2nd graders showcased the same in the Goonj project. Their performances as Vidya Valley Warriors, Young Visionaries, Green Defenders for social awareness were magnetic and fascinating.  Children emerged to be very creative and collaborative.

With good memories and good lessons, I carry my learnings forward. But I still wish to witness the enchanting greenery of our school campus and hear kids asking, Maushi, what is there for breakfast today?


-Sonali Marode

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