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Cheetah Captain

Cheetah Captain Speech

Good morning to one and all present here, my name is Jay Dixit and as you all may know I am running for the post of cheetah house captain. Before I start I would like to thank our respected principal ma’am and my teachers for nominating me for this post


I am not going to make any false promises, however I can assure you this I will be an exceptional captain and lead this house to victory. I’ll tell you how!!!!

I will be loyal to cheetah, I won’t be biased in my decisions, but most importantly I will treat everyone in this great house like a loyal cheetahities. And at the end of the day I promise you that with your support we can lead this house to victory.

Did you know the cheetah hunts its prey in the shadows waiting for the right chance to attack, but let me tell you, this year is for all of us to create this chance with unity and team spirit, and I assure you we will succeed

A successful leader is an influencer who can inspire, motivate and get the best out of his people. And I am confident I have all those qualities and am the perfect choice for being your house captain.

As your captain I will hope to inspire you cheetahits to give heart and soul for this house, because you all are the lifeline of this house, and I am here to lead you to unimaginable heights of victory.

I would like to end by saying

Agar Jay Jeetah tho Samjho Jai Cheetah..

That being said I rest my case…. now the ball’s in your court cheetahities.

My Message

My name is Jay dixit and I have been in Vidya Valley for the past 11 years, and all this time Vidya Valley has supported me a lot in many way. Being national level tennis player would not have been possible for me without the support of Nalini Ma’am, my teachers and all my peers and for that I am thankful to Vidya Valley, and I am truly honored to be an office bearer and represent this great school.

Why I wanted to be Cheetah Captain?

I have been in cheetah for 4 years, I have played for cheetah in numerous sports, I have been through highs and lows in this house, I have witnessed the true meaning of sportsmanship and teamwork in cheetah and I have always thought of leading this great house ever since I saw my first captain, Dhruv Joshi march with pride holding the cheetah flag on the sports day. I want to be cheetah captain because this house has given me so much and it is my turn to give back to this great house. Not only do I want to lead cheetah house I want to lead cheetah house to unimaginable heights of victory. For me being cheetah captain is much more than wearing that shiny batch on my shirt, it is my responsibility and commitment to this house as captain.

My Qualities

An exceptional leader has the following qualities Honesty and Integrity, Inspire Others, Commitment and passion, Decision-Making Capabilities, Accountability, Empowerment, Creativity and Innovation. I believe I possess these qualities and would make an amazing leader for this house.

My goals and responsibilities as Cheetah Captain

My goals as cheetah Captain would be to maintain discipline in the house, to motivate others to do more for the house and also I would encourage my fellow cheetahites to give their full efforts in whatever they do for the house be it sports, debate, dance or anything else.