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Cheetah Vice Captain

Cheetah Vice Captain Speech

January 2019 was the last time I sat right, there in that group listening to people who were talking about how they would make their respective houses lead towards victory. I won’t promise my house victory; I will guarantee it. This is not over confidence, this is the trust that I have upon you and I’m fairly trustworthy for the same. I don’t want your one minute right now, I want your one year because I can do miracles in a year which I cannot do in a minute.

Good morning, to one and all present here I am Rishab Lunawat sprinting for the post of CHEETAH HOUSE vice captain. I am very honoured and privileged to stand on this platform in front of you and address my beloved cheetah house. The house wants you to show your dedication and cooperation for whatever you do for the house and make Cheetah great again.

The more you sweat in practice, the less you bleed in battle. Every house match in which I have invested my sweat in : be it Football, Handball, Basketball or Volleyball matches, Athletics, Swimming, Dance or any other event I have participated in has been very significant for me, as I undergo the ultimate sense of patriotism while performing.

The difference between success and failure is taking action in your action is to choose the best candidate to lead the house that is me. Its time to encounter the other houses and I need your support. ” THERE WAS AN IDEA TO BRING TOGETHER A GROUP OF REMARKABLE PEOPLE TO SEE IF WE COULD DO SOMETHING MORE ” – That’s our house Cheetah.