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Head Boy

Head Boy Speech

The world tells us that to win some, you have to lose some. So it is assumed that if you want to achieve academic excellence, you have to give up fun. If you want to win at sports, you have to lose at music.

But this rule does not apply to the 1500 students who are at Vidya valley. Thanks to the way Vidya valley has groomed us, we know that it is possible to win at everything.

We can proudly say, “jinkne umcha janmu sidh adikar ahe,ane tho amhi milaonarach”.

Good morning to one and all present here today, I am ADITHYA HARI and I am proudly standing for the post of head boy. Firstly, a huge thank you to all the teachers and principal ma’am for giving me a chance to work for this outstanding institution.

I have been at Vidya valley school from class 1 and these values are a part of who I am

I believe that discipline and fun can exist together. This means, I can help teachers with discipline where required and yet work with them to make it an exciting place to be in.

In all my interactions with my friends…………….from 1st to 10th, from music to math, from sports to Marathi scholars…………….”tyancha shi boltana marathi grammar chi me guarantee deyu shakat nahi, pun friendship ani help chi guarantee shumbhur tukke ahe”.

Some of my friends will be prefects this year, so if you elect me as your head boy I would naturally be supporting and working with them.

Lastly, the school has given me so much over the last 10 years, including nominating me for this privileged post. It would be my greatest honour if as head boy I got a chance to give something back.

Will you help me do that?

Thank You.

Head Prefect Essay

I, Adithya Hari have been elected as the head prefect of Vidya Valley for the year 2020-2021. It’s an honour for me to have been given an opportunity to serve this institution. I promise to fulfill all my duties and responsibilities.

As the Head Boy, I ensure that I will adhere to the school rules and strive to motivate and encourage my peers while maintaining the standards of discipline of Vidya Valley. Vidya Valley has always had a holistic approach to education and I intend to uphold these ideologies. My constant endeavour will be to push my fellow students to broaden their horizons.

Being a good student isn’t just about being disciplined and having a balance in all activities, it’s also about making it a point to work with everyone around you, providing help and setting an example as a leader. I will certainly try to help every student be the best version of themselves.

The right kind of communication and cooperation has always been a key feature while striving for efficiency

We as prefects need to work as a TEAM with every single teacher and staff member in this school. If this takes place without any hindrance, then it is a guarantee that the school will be able to run in 2020, FASTER AND SMOOTHER than Usain Bolt!

I know the cost of winning- it is focussed hard work and unflinching discipline.

I will surely try to inculcate these winning habits in all my fellow students and help them out in achieving their goals.

I really look forward to the year ahead with eager anticipation and I am sure the school will achieve all its goals.

-Adithya Hari.