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Jaguar Vice Captain

Jaguar Vice Captain

I have been a student for the last ten years in Vidya Valley. I have seen Vidya Valley grow from an institution with barely any recognition to a school well known across India. It gives me great pride to be a student as well as prefect of this school. I am an avid Sports Climber as well as Mountaineer. I have won two national medals in Climbing and have also climbed both Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Elbrus. I love playing sports including Basketball and football.

I believe a leader is one who leads people by example and not by ‘guidelines’. As a leader I would like to make sure that I am able to make sure everyone is able to reach their full potential and strive to do better each and every time. I wish that this year Jaguar is able to win the top cat but mainly work as a team and push each other to their potential.

Vice Captain Speech

Good morning everyone and a special Good Morning to JAGUAR HOUSE. I Sahil Joshi am running for the Post of Jaguar House Vice Captain.

I am an Athlete! This wall back here is my playground and so are the great mountains. I believe that these very places have taught me great life skills. I have climbed the highest peaks of both Europe and Africa and have also won a few national medals. These are experiences and not feats! And have taught me a lot about leadership and Sportsmanship.

If you vote for me I promise you that I will do my Level Best to make sure that each one of us reaches our full potential. You and your good spirit are an integral part of every competition and you must be present to play and cheer for the teams.

We Jaguarites are like a family and we work like one too; in a team. We have to learn from our mistakes and always look forward. All the other houses are going to try and beat us but we shall show them what we are made of. We will Run, We will Swim, We will Climb and We will Play like a Jaguar. And we shall beat the other houses.

Great Opportunities and Challenges await us. Now It’s your choice. Vote for me and we shall make this year, Jaguars Year! We will dominate and we will remain unbeatable!

Thank You and May the best candidate win.