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Puma Captain

Puma Captain Speech

“I can do things you can’t do. You can do things I can’t to. Together we can do great things.” Hello everyone… I am Aarav Paul and I am running for the post of puma captain. It’s a great honor. I am super excited and extremely thankful to all the teachers and principal ma’am for nominating me.

I would like to tell you, what puma means to me. ONLY ONE WORD -EVERYTHING. I have invested blood, sweat and tears for puma, every single year. I’m sure that every single pumite feels the same.

If I’m elected as puma captain, I will lead from the front and take all of you with me on our journey to the top cat. I will be your mentor, friend and guide. puma won the top cat last year, and we have to keep that winning streak on. I know guys, the road is bumpy, but ill be your sponge, absorbing the bumps and you know the “jerks” to make the ride easier for you all.

The chant of “LETS GO PUMA, PUMA, x2” shall resonate in my ears and cause my heart to skip a beat. if these chants will make you have the same feeling too, then I will know that I have done my bit for puma. I will be a responsible, considerate, approachable and a quite cool captain.

So now my fellow pumites, the ball is in your court, the Paul is in your house and the choice is yours.

Vote for me Aarav Paul as puma captain.

Goals For The Year 2020-2021

  • To win the top cat.
  • To bring out the best in every student academically and also in co-curricular activities like sports, dance, etc.
  • To put in all my efforts to lead my house puma, and to have a fair competition with the other houses.

My Qualities

  • I believe that I have been elected as puma captain as people believe in me that I can lead puma to victory.
  • I take whatever tasks which are given to me very seriously and I perform the diligently.
  • I am responsible and accountable. This will be shown in the way I lead the house.
  • I am part of the school football team, and have been for the past 4 years.
  • I am a very approachable and friendly person, who hears other people’s opinion and takes it into a consideration while taking decisions.


Being puma captain, there are bulk of responsibilities, like to ensure discipline among the students and treat all the students with respect. Every leader leaves their mark on the people, and I believe that, I will leave a mark. I am a team player, and, will take my whole house with me on our journey to the top cat. Puma is like my family, and I will always be loyal to the house, and its members.

Why Did I Want To Become Puma Captain?

I always aspired to be leader. Whatever I did, my main aim was to be the best. When I was younger, I saw previous leaders of puma leading the house with grit and determination to make puma the best it can be. Since the time I saw that, I knew that’s what I wanted to have and achieve. The post of captain is a very honorable one, and is a one who has a large amount of responsibilities. I considered myself worthy, that I possessed the qualities to fulfill the post of puma captain. Now being elected as captain, I believe my time has come to show my worthiness to this post.