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Sher Vice Captain

Sher Vice Captain Speech

A man went to his idol and said that he wants to be on the same level as he was. His idol replied , “if you want to be on the same level as I am then meet me tomorrow morning at 4 am at the beach.” As said the man arrived at the beach 4 am. His idol held his hand and asked him “ how bad do you want to be successful?” He replied real bad. He asked him step into water and keep on going forward until the water was his waist height. The man came running held his head put it water and just before he was about to leave he raised him and put him on the ground. He asked “ when you were underwater how bad did you want to breath?” He went on “ when you want success as bad as you want to breath that when you are going to be successful.” Most of us just want to be successful we don’t want it bad. I Neel Thorve want sher to win even harder than that man wanted to breath. Before I go

इस बार अपना टाइम नहीं आएगा क्यूकी इस बार हमअपना ख़ुदका टाइम बनाएँगे।

Sher Vice Captain For The Year 2020

I think a leader should be a better friend than a captain he/she should be able to understand his/her fellow teammates. He/she should know how to get things and most importantly not get things done by power but from friendly means.