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Sports Prefect Boy

Sports Prefect Speech

In the loving memory of Kobe Bryant, I would like to quote his words, “I’ll do whatever it takes to win games, whether it is sitting on a bench, waving a towel, handing a cup of water to my teammate or scoring that game winning shot. “

I am the person who will stand with you in your failures and the first person to celebrate your victory.

Before I begin my speech, I want to thank all the teachers who nominated me for this post.

Vidya Valley is not a school where just studies happen. It is a place where all the talented youngsters come head to head. It is a place where sports are taken at the next level.

Good morning, Su Prabhat and Kalai Wanaka. I am Arjun Bartakke, sprinting for the post of the ‘Sports Prefect 20-21.’

Now let’s come to our ex sports prefect-

Yash Mokate has been a deserving sports prefect. He was an easily approachable friend with good leadership qualities. We either see him on the sports field or in the sports room. It is now time, my friend, to handover that post.

So now, let’s play a game-

(Throws a tennis ball). This is for Sher, the powerhouse of Vidya Valley.

(Throws a basketball). This is for Cheetah, tumhara waqt ab tak nahi beeta.

(Throws a Frisbee).This is for Puma, Jin hone Top-Cat ko 3 bar Chua.

And finally…..

(Hits a shuttle cock). This is for Jaguar, Jo kabhi har hi nahi mante yaar.

Please listen to the speeches from here (ears) and pole your vote from here (heart).


“Mujhe houses ke naam na sunnai dete hai, na dikhai dete hai. Sirf ek school ka naam sunnai deta hai- wo hai Vidya Valley.”

I say Vidya, you say Valley. (3times)



And ya-“Sports may not be my profession, but it will always be my passion.”

Thank you and may the best candidate win!!!!

My Goals and Responsibilities

  • Represent the school in various sports
  • Work closely with PE teachers & staff as necessary
  • Conveying the benefits of playing sports with other students
  • Encouraging them to fight against their fears of participating and teaching them how to stay calm when under pressure
  • Organise & assist in running the VV Sports Day
  • Pushing every single student towards participating in sports at Vidya Valley & ensuring every school member gets an equal opportunity
  • Portraying sportsmanship spirit, which develops a fair sportsman among each of us
  • Trying to teach them how to be mentally and physically strong on the field

About Myself

My name is Arjun Bartakke and I am from class 9th-C.

I am a National Level Badminton player. I have won the Zilla Parishad matches in 2018. Later, I went on to win the regional matches where I represented Vidya Valley School.

Finally I was the fifth qualifier in the Maharashtra’s national team of the CICSE National School Games 19-20. The Maharashtra team secured gold medal.

I have participated in various swimming competitions earlier at club level.

I play basketball & represented the Under 14 school team for playing the Zilla Parishad matches.

Recently, I have passed the Yellow Belt level of Taekwando.

I am a tabla player & have passed the ‘xxx’ exam recently. I am a part of table recital during each Harshotsav since 201x.

I am one of the lead runners for my house in sprints and cross country, earning important runs to gain points. I am an amateur mini marathon runner and finished a few competitive marathons in Pune city.

I have undertaken trekking across forts and mountain ranges in Sahyadris, Himalayas and participated in jungle safaris and nature trails in various forest reserves like Tadoba, Pench.

I devote time as an active volunteer at local Ganapati Mandal in Pune city every year.