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Sports Prefect Girl

Sports Prefect Speech

Good morning everyone! I am Aruja Tiwary and I am honoured to be nominated as a Sports Prefect of this school. A big thank you to all the teachers who think I’ll be a great person for this role.

About a year ago, I stood in this very place and delivered a speech that rocked so hard, that people were put into an instant coma whenever they thought about my speech. This year I ask you to vote for me as your Sports Prefect. This will not be my first leadership role. Apart from being vice-captain last year, I have also been the blackboard monitor, line monitor, notebook monitor and the lights and fans monitor. Leadership is in my blood. Now for the role of a Sports Prefect, I believe one has to have certain characteristics-

Number 1. A sports prefect should only be a vice-captain who lead her house to victory this year-I guess that’s only me here.

Number2. She should also participate in athletic events and win medals in most of them-Well I qualify for that.

Number 3. She should also be part of the girls’ basketball team and play as a point guard-Me again.

Number 4. Should be a girl! But Adithya Hari can give me competition for this.

Number 5. Should know how to count. Now Adithya Hari will probably be disqualified.

Albert Einstein once said- “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Now just because I agree with my bro Einstein on one issue, does that make me as smart as him? Yes. For example, just the other day I was day-dreaming in class and I imagined-What would I do if the school caught on fire? And you know what I did? I single-handedly saved everyone in the school. Does that make me a hero? Probably. But the point is that no one caught on fire and I think that’s something we all look for in a sports prefect. Jokes aside, I believe I am a great person for this role. I will be beside you giving high fives but at the same time I will also be trying to bring some discipline to continue making Vidya Valley the dream school it is.

Oh, and I’ll also make sure that the house matches will be announced way in advance. Trust me, I know how stressful it can be. With that I’d like to end my speech and humbly ask you to vote for me as your Sports Prefect. Thank You.

Sports Prefect Message

A little about myself…
I am a part of the basketball school team. I was the captain of the U-14 girls basketball team which came first at the District Level. I am now in the U-17 team which represents Vidya Valley at various basketball tournaments. I was also the vice-captain of Puma house last year and this year I have the honour of being the Sports Prefect of this school.

Now as far as I know, Vidya Valley is one of the few ICSE schools which gives the same amount of attention to sports as it gives to academics. And I believe that if life gives you lemons, you should make a lemonade. So my main goal, as the Sports Prefect, is to help every single person of this school aim higher in the field of sports. I will make sure that all the school teams have the right amount of fitness and skill practice too.

Last year, all the prefects had to volunteer at the CISCE sports meet. It was a really good learning experience but I feel that if the event was pre-planned, the volunteers would have had more time to discuss about their responsibilities at the event. And so, this year, along with the other prefects, I would like to ensure that the pre-planning of school and inter-school events takes place.
Also, apart from maintaining discipline in school, I will make sure that the house matches will be announced in advance, so as to prevent confusion among the house captains.

Hope that we have an amazing year ahead.

Aruja Tiwary
Vidya Valley School