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Student Council Speech

The strength of a team may be its leader, but the strength of a leader is always his team. A very good morning to everyone, my name is Anmol Nautiyal and I am honoured to be the Student Council Head for the year 2020-21. To begin with I would like to thank all the teachers, and Principal ma’am for electing me for this prestigious post. I am humbled that you would place your faith and trust in me.

It is said that we must become the change we want to see and set an example for students to follow. Our team will focus on acting as the interface between the teachers and the students to create a better level of understanding and coordination. We will give our 100% to create a better atmosphere in the school for students and teachers. Also, I am very excited to work with my fellow prefects and take the school to further heights.

As Student Council Head I promise to Service with Pride, Lead with Confidence and Inspire to impact the lives of the students.


I look forward to the following year as Student Council Head and will give my 100% to this post. I am in 10th grade and am part of the Basketball team for our school. Running marathons is also one of my hobbies along with arts and sketching. No matter how things have changed this year and how it will affect the future, I will be ready for the responsibilities given to me by the teachers and live up to the expectations of my intimates.