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Puma House : Vice captain Speech

Well, the cat Puma.

This animal has always been known for its agility, but agility does not come without speed (just like the cheetah), and naturally, comes strength (just like the lion) and endurance (just like a jaguar), and Puma has all these qualities. These traits are what we Pumaites show on the field day in and day out and these traits including being a well-rounded person are what I display.

Good morning everyone, my dear teachers, principal ma’am, Vivek sir, and everyone else present in this call. I am Keshav Pazhayannur of class 9 well… sitting for the post of VC for Puma house → academic year 2021-22. First, I would like to thank the teachers and principal ma’am who saw me worthy for the post.

I always wanted to be the VC since the day I stepped foot into 6th grade. Over the years, I have observed how other captains and vice-captains have led their houses into many wins. I have been a team member, maybe a role model for a few, a great speaker, energetic, and ever ready to help. Being a sportsman has always been in my blood. My sporting endeavor began in athletics, but I found my home with football as a goalkeeper. Aside from football, I have represented my house in almost every single house match and given my absolute best every single time. Tabla has also been my hobby for many years.

Sports is not the only way to get points. Debates, singing competitions, Pyramid making, drills, and basic etiquettes are also important. My support will always be there with you. I will encourage you to participate and try new things and will always be there to motivate you regardless of the outcome. I cannot guarantee a win, but I will guarantee that we will at least have a shot for winning the top cat with me as your VC. There is no I in the team and together with your help, we can lead our house into many wins and try to reach great heights. Thank you everyone for listening to me. Remember I am Keshav Pazhayannur again sitting firmly for the post of VC of Puma house. I would like to end with a quote→


Have a Good day everyone and please does stay safe during these tough times and may the best candidate win. Thank you.

-Keshav Pazhayannur

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