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Sher House : Vice-Captain Speech

A very bright and happy morning principal ma’am, Vivek sir, teachers, and all the students present here. I am Aditya Rao and I will be running for the post of the sher vice-captain. First of all, I would like to thank all the teachers for nominating me for this important post. I would like to be a good leader everywhere. My school, my community, and my family. Vidya Valley, the school I’m super proud of, has built-in me the love for the outdoors, the fun in learning and most importantly being a good human being. Thanks to the culture of this school I have been able to achieve a lot of number ones. I was amongst the youngest who did the Annapurna Base Camp at 10 years of age, Everest Base camp at 12 years, and many more such treks under the able guidance of Anand sir.

My academics are also very good. You may be thinking why I’m blowing my own trumpet.

I want to build these values for Sher too. Make Sher an all-rounder house where we not only excel in sports but also maintain a good academic balance. I’ll make sure to assist the captain in whatever help is needed. I’ll not make any promises but I will guarantee that everybody will get a chance to participate in something or the other for the house. We all know that our house is filled with potential and we just need someone to push us and I’m great at that. We can see that our house had amazing vice-captains such as Aditya Hari, Neel Thorve n the list never ends. And the best person to fill their shoes is none other than me! I know it’s going to be a difficult task for you all to select from us nominees, but, remember a good leader is one who is approachable, friendly, gets things done, and is accountable. So make the right choice and may the best candidate win! Thank you and have a positive day!


– Aditya Rao

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