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My chess journey started when I was 7 years old. I started playing with my Dad. He provided me simple tips and tactics that laid the foundation of my chess game. Initially, I lost many games against him and I cried after every loss. My parents told me to continue practicing because they believe efforts are more important than achievements.


One year later, I started playing chess with my friends. They were good at it and won against me most of the time. I played casually for a few months. When lockdown started in March 2020, I had a lot of time, so I started playing chess again. In the lockdown, my love for chess sparked when I found out about a chess website named I immediately logged on to that website with the username BriskCheetah. I started with a rating of 800 that is given to new players. After few wins, my rating quickly rose to 1100. It was a good start, but a towering wall blocked my path to reach the milestone of 1200 rating. This was the second biggest roadblock of my chess journey. I started crossing 1200 but used to fall to 1100 again. This is when I started practicing with a mission to break the 1200 wall. Sometimes I even used to dream of me breaking a real wall with 1200 painted across it. After all the struggle, I crossed 1250 and that put a jetpack on my back and went rocketing to 1400. 1500 was the third strongest wall I had to break as I faced stiff competition. It was a bumpy ride, but I successfully crossed the wall later. In the year 2021, I faced my biggest challenge, crossing the 1700 wall. On the 1st of Jan 2021, I had crossed 1700 but to my disappointment, I fell back to 1600 after that.


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