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The Gaia Project

We are Samaira Malik, Riya Mehta and Navya Bhandari from class 10. This summer, we realized the need to take action on the ongoing environmental issues and decided to start an initiative to bring about change. While surfing the internet, we noticed inadequate information about small eco-friendly changes one can make in their everyday life. Thus, the idea of the Gaia Project was born.

In Greek mythology, Gaia is the goddess of the earth. The purpose behind our name is to safeguard the naturistic creations of goddess Gaia,  even in the smallest way possible and in the process, enumerate our initiative to conserve the divinely diverse biosphere that the human race has been blessed with.

While looking around the house, have you noticed the harm objects as small as the toothbrushes, tissues or even clothing hangers cause? What about the many clothes just stalked up in your cupboard, or the makeup brush on your dressing table?  At first, we didn’t either. But while researching, we found out that the carbon footprint of each person in India was estimated at 0.56 tonnes per year. To keep the temperature increase somewhat close to 2°C above pre-industrial times, the average global carbon footprint per year needs to drop under 2 tons by 2050.. If all households reduce their energy consumption by just 10% by making small changes in their home, that would be almost equivalent to taking some millions of cars off the road.

Thus, we created this platform with the main objective to inspire people to take on convenient and effective steps in their everyday lives in order to give back to nature. We aim to educate our generation about the impact of environmental issues on our planet by not only by preserving it, but by supporting and making people aware about initiatives that are already making an active impact.

It is our duty to restore, affirm and guarantee the existence, integrity, interrelation, interaction and regeneration of the Earth system,  as a whole and of all of its components and ultimately give back mother Earth the longevity of HER life that WE humans have cut short.

Linked down below is our Instagram page. We would appreciate it if you share this message with family and friends.

Instagram handle- the_gaiaproject

Riya Mehta (10 C)

Navya Bhandari (10 A)

Samaira Malik (10 C)

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