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The Virtual Connect

Student (smiling) – Ma’am, I have something to tell you.

Teacher – Yes, sure (Name).

Student – Ma’am, I am positive.

Teacher – Yes, dear, you are a positive person and you must always stay positive.

Student – No Ma’am, I am corona positive.

Teacher – Oh! I did not understand at first. I am sorry. But I am sure, you will be fine soon. Raring to go and we are all with you…

A usual online class began with roars of laughter directed at the faux pas on my part, and as the day progressed it struck a chord somewhere within me. Thereafter, this student happily attended all the classes throughout his quarantine without any complaint, as jovial as always. Not just this child but several others, despite whatever circumstances they have been in, were always present for online classes. It made me realize how well children cooped up with every situation they were in, how well they adjusted and adapted to the changes the pandemic has brought in our lives.

This school year, conducted entirely online, has been a year of realizations and learning. Children with their bright faces, welcoming smiles, and eagerness to learn kept me going. Their enthusiasm for school, friends, and life, in general, energized our online classroom. They have been a source of joy and strength to me. There was a special bond forged, a connection with each child made on a personal level as all of them opened to me.

Every morning they were waiting to share their achievements, what they had made, done, or celebrated… always eager to talk. They made me laugh with their funny jokes and riddles. What a beautiful beginning to the day!

We celebrated every event online be it birthdays, Children’s Day, Teacher’s Day, Holi, or Diwali. Children danced, acted, gave speeches, composed poems, made cards, offered flowers, and did all they could with such love and warmth that it was overwhelming at times. We were able to create a virtual connection, never before imagined. I am blessed to be in a profession through which I could be a part of their life and find a place in the hearts of these children.

In trying times like these, my faith has been reaffirmed in the fact that children alone are our hope and future.

Second graders rock!


-Sugandha Singh

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